Haosheng attach great importance to the brand, and successfully registered "Haosheng" and "AR" logo long time ago, which has its own right.

"Haosheng" and "AR" logo, as a representative of the brand, is the symbol of products and services as well as the image of the endorsement. "Haosheng" is different from other competitors, also to establish proprietary properties of Haosheng products and services: excellent quality, incomparable reliability, all round support and services.  

In the future, there will be more on "Haosheng" brand exterior accessories applied to various car brand all over the world to provide quality supply; Haosheng will have a wider range of "Haosheng" service teams and sales network around the world to solve the customer's purchasing problem. All Haosheng people are devoted of hard work, positive innovation to build a better "Haosheng".

Everything we do is to protect Haosheng brand.

With the continuous development of Haosheng company, we are committed to maintain the highest ethical standards and adhere to diversity and become an ideal corporate citizen. Our core values is to provide products and be responsible for the quality of products, improve customer satisfaction, maintain Haosheng brand value. We are honest to manage our company and people-oriented. We take customers and suppliers as important members of the team.


Haosheng focus on providing solutions to create more value and promoting the sustainable development of society. Within the scope of our business, we believe that our business is to protect society for a long time. Through our actions, one step by step at a time, we will implement social responsibility to build a strong and sustained development society.