Haosheng, Car Spoilers Expert!

Haosheng is a worldwide company specialized in the manufacturing of a wide range of car spoilers, from all car brands.

In the auto exterior accessories area, we offer solutions for every kind of car spoilers supply demand: car spoilers modification solutions for German cars, American cars, Japanese cars, Korean cars, French cars, Italian cars and other car brands. Haosheng owns high technological experience and the vertically integrated manufacturing processes which ensure that all our products are designed and delivered with top of quality and high performance. All Haosheng products are delicated to the most demanding markets, as a true symbol of our experience built under one mission: to offer the best value of car spoilers by a strong strategic relationship with first level components partners.

We are with you in every kind of car spoilers need situations.

Dependable products

It started with a commitment to building dependable products. For years, we have added new models of products, promoted Haosheng products over all the world, and applied them in every field of auto exterior accessories, but we still believe in the same thing. Our mission is to improve your profits of car spoilers business in every experience you purchase Haosheng products.


Haosheng always puts customers as the No. 1 priority. We devote not just to meeting their demand, but to exceeding it. From design to production to delivery, we provide you one-stop manufacturing service which you can rely on. Furthermore, we know that being flexible is important for you, that is why we offer custom solutions specific for you, with 24/7/365 uninterrupted service and support.


Since the day we started, our position has been defined clearly ---Comprehensive car spoilers Solution Expert. And that continues today throughout all of our businesses and initiatives. We always commit ourselves to being the most professional car spoilers solution expert, with reliable products, quality service and strong support. Today, at Haosheng, you will find our car Spoilersand other exterior accessories, for example E-commerce platforms, car tuning factories, auto repair stores, roadways, parking lots, even your neighbor's garage, in every corner of the world. You will also find our workforce building even more innovations into our products. That is all about our commitment.


At Haosheng, research and development is a creation process, is the means by which we identify, create and perfect the technologies and solutions that help our customers be successful. This could include better performance, improved product style, less spending, higher quality and even more reliability.


We know the importance of sustainability, that is what drives us to go beyond a company making car spoilers and making money, but to build partnerships with our people, our customers, our environment and our communities. We work hard to improve the communities where we work and live, to lower down the effect to the environment, to increase efficiency and productivity, to help our customers enabling their business. That is what we are donging at Haosheng, and we are helping our customers do the same.


Haosheng treats all cooperation partners, including our people, customers, suppliers, not only business partners, but also strategy allies, teammates, and friends. We would like to grow up together with our partners, sharing the happiness of success and brighter future, with great enthusiasm and sincerity.

In a word, this is how we do business. And we call it Car Spoilers Life.